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<h2>Rick DeLuca </h2>

Rick DeLuca

Studio owner, Producer, Engineer, Drummer, Guitarist, Songwriter, Music Instructor

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While most STUDIOS these days are solely digital, here at B.O.S.S. we’ve decided not to stay totally IN THE BOX (that’s like having a desk job, yuck). Instead, we wanted to have the best of both worlds by incorporating a DDA DMR12 28 input, 12 bus, all analog console to capture that warm analog sound during recording and mixdown. (beside it sounding amazing and looking badass)
We are capable of recording 24 tracks at once through the console or direct through our converters with an unlimited amount of tracks available for overdubs.
B.O.S.S. has a great selection of mics, guitars, basses and amps. Also, a DW all maple Collector Series kit to choose from and we are constantly on the hunt for more. We know the importance of finding the right sound for our artists/song and will do whatever it takes to achieve it.
Contact us today and let’s capture your artistic vision together. Remember…


Owner, Rick DeLuca

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Music Lessons

Are you a musical beginner? Or do you just want to brush up on your skills? BOSS offers Drums, Guitar & Bass lessons for all ages and levels. Our classes are fun and make sure you learn what you need to progress to the next level.

Record & Mix

Our studio is equiped to record and mix any project. We have the eqipment to record and mix Analog or Digital. Unlimited tracks and all the plug ins you could need. As well as outboard and instruments for use.


Preproduction, is prior to the actual recording where you solidify your individual parts, instrumentation, arrangement, and sounds etc. Postproduction is after mixing where we Master your recordings and get them polished for distribution.

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